Applied Machine Learning Online Course

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Obective of Applied AI/ Machine Learning Online Course:

The AppliedAICourse attempts to teach students/course-participants some of the core ideas in machine learning, data-science and AI that would help the participants go from a real world business problem to a first cut, working and deployable AI solution to the problem. Our primary focus is to help participants build real world AI solutions using the skills they learn in this course.

This course will focus on practical knowledge more than mathematical or theoretical rigor. That doesn’t mean that we would water down the content. We will try and balance the theory and practice while giving more preference to the practical and applied aspects of AI as the course name suggests. Through the course, we will work on 20+ case studies of real world AI problems and datasets to help students grasp the practical details of building AI solutions. For each idea/algorithm in AI, we would provide examples to provide the intuition and show how the idea to used in the real world.

Key Points:

  1. Validity of this course is 365 days( i.e Starts from the date of your registration to this course)
  2. Expert Guidance, we will try to answer your queries in atmost 24hours
  3. 10+ real world case studies and 5 case studies will be given as assignments to build your portfolio. please click here to view the sample portfolio
  4. 30+ machine learning and Deep learning algorithms will be taught in this course.
  5. No prerequisites– we will teach every thing from basics ( we just expect you to know basic programming)
  6.  Python for Data science is part of the course curriculum.
  7.  The content of this course will be dynamic(i.e lessons will be added if there is an exceptional paper published)


Target Audience:

We are building our course content and teaching methodology to cater to the needs to students at various levels of expertise and varying background skills. This course can be taken by anyone with a working knowledge of a modern programming language like C/C++/Java/Python. We expect the average student to spend at least 5 hours a week over a 6 month period amounting to a 145+ hours of effort. More the effort, better the results. Here is a list of customers who would benefit from our course:

Undergrad (BS/BTech/BE) students in engineering and science.

  1. Grad(MS/MTech/ME/MCA) students in engineering and science.
  2. Working professionals: Software engineers, Business analysts, Product managers, Program managers, Managers, Startup teams building ML products/services.
  3. ML Scientists and ML engineers.

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Course Features

  • Lectures 731
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 140+ hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 4141
  • Assessments Yes
QUALIFICATION: Masters from IISC Bangalore PROFESSIONAL EXPIERENCE: 9+ years of Experience( Yahoo Labs, Matherix Labs Co-founder and Amazon)
₹32,500.00 ₹25,000.00


  1. Hi AAIC,

    My friend attended interview with Accenture with 2 years Data Science Experience, below are the list of questions was asked to him:

    1. Explain about yourself
    2. Explain the projects that you worked for
    3. What is the difference between logistic and linear
    4. What is SIgmoid function
    5. What is the difference between sigmoid and softmax function
    6. what is validation
    7. what s statification
    8. what is bootstrap validation
    9. What is cost function
    10. Why is cost function so important in model
    11. When did you apply cost function
    12. What is optimizer
    13.I have 10 Million records with 60 features, what is your approch to build a logistic regression
    a. which validation you choose
    b. which model you choose
    c. Which optimizer you choose
    d list the optimizers you know and explain the best one you choose for this problem
    e. Where do you get the data ? is it from online or warehouse?

    14.what is clustering and explain various clustering algorithms
    15. Write psudo code of Density based clustering
    16.Have you ever worked on SVM ? tell me the advantages
    17. What is the node entropy
    18. How is Rnadom forest is different from Xgboost
    19. What are the most significant parameters for the xgboost
    20 Why you preferr XG boost for both Liner and logistic
    21. What is PCA
    22. I applied PCA on 50 features and how many new feature will I get
    23 WHat is Eigan vector
    24. How you deploy your model into production
    25. What Hadoop cluster you are using

    Please give us some links or study materials if you find any topic missed in AAIC course with respect to above-listed questions.

    • Applied AI Course
      January 15, 2019

      These are some of the easier questions in interviews. We have covered all go these concepts except (Q-25) about Hadoop in our course.
      For Hadoop cluster, I guess the interviewee mentioned that he is working on Hadoop and hence he was asked which version of Hadoop and which distribution of Hadoop and probably what configuration he was using. We have also not covered (Q-1) as it changes from person to person!

      • Hi, can you please explain what is your answer for below questions

        22. I applied PCA on 50 features and how many new feature will I get

        13. I have 10 Million records with 60 features, what is your approch to build a logistic regression
        a. which validation you choose
        b. which model you choose
        c. Which optimizer you choose
        d list the optimizers you know and explain the best one you choose for this problem
        e. Where do you get the data ? is it from online or warehouse?

        • Applied AI Course
          January 16, 2019

          22. You can get any number of features <=50 post PCA. If you want to pick the smallest number of features while maximizing the variance preserved through PCA, we apply the elbow method to determine the best number of features which would vary from dataset to dataset.13. First break the data randomly into train, CV and test datasets assuming there is no temporal ordering in the data-points. Next, we may not need all for the 10MM data points to build an LR model. Since LR is not a complex model, we should randomly sample the train data and build a model and measure it's performance. Increase the sample size and observe if there is any improvement in the model. At some point, increasing the sample size would not improve the model performance dramatically. Now, we can use this trained model on a much smaller sampled data than training the model on all of the 10MM points.a. simple CV or k-fold CV. b. LR+ L2-regularization. Would use L1 regularization if we want a sparse weigh-vector. c. batch-SGD. Works well in practice and is fast. d. SGD, GD, ADAM, ADAGRAD, RMSPROP, ADADELATA. This is a simple model and hence we will stick to batch-SGD. e. LR can be made to work in both cases: batch data from a warehouse or streaming data.

  2. sriniharika
    January 12, 2019

    sir i am btech 6th semester(3rd year) cse student after completing this course will your team help me in getting an ai based job or an internship in my 4th year.

    • Applied AI Course
      January 12, 2019

      Yes, we do help you with both internships and full-time roles as you progress through and complete the course. Please call us +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583 to know more details.

  3. shaurabh
    January 11, 2019

    Hi Team,
    Suppose I have created a model in Jupyter notebook.How do we deploy to the production enviroment in real time?

    • AppliedAI Team
      January 11, 2019

      you can create an API and deploy.

      • shaurabh
        January 11, 2019

        Could you pls elaborate how to create api?Pls tell me the code and steps ?

  4. What stipend / package can I expect under the job guarantee program as an intern or a fresher for the data science role earned with your assistance?

    • AppliedAI
      January 11, 2019

      Please call us at +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583 so that we understand your current role and better answer your question more accurately.

  5. Debrup Majumdar
    January 10, 2019

    Hi Applied AI,
    Course Content looks really interesting with most of the topics covered. I would love to apply for this course . I need some some information from your side.
    I have around 9 years of Backend programming background. With good command on SQL. Working Knowledge of spark and python. Currently I am working in Data science team (as Backend developer.). ALso I have around 3 years of Finance domain knowledge and keen interest in Risk Management and Portfolio Management.
    Given my background can this course help me in progressing my career in Machine Learning?

    • AppliedAI
      January 10, 2019

      Please call us at +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583 so that we understand your current role and better answer your question more accurately.

  6. Syed Kaamran Pasha
    January 9, 2019

    Sir, @Srikanth & team, I have gone through all the Success stories & just a visual pattern, Almost 80% of the hired ones are Freshers, & the rest have Software development experience, What about people from IT whom don’t have Software development or coding experience ?.. How does AppliedAIcourse make sure that hiring is guaranteed for such a candidate ?..

    • Applied AI Course
      January 10, 2019

      Please call us at +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583 and we can explain to you how students who have no coding background could still land a job at the end of the course.

  7. prasant
    January 8, 2019

    Sir , I am from non coding background though i understand the concept of python, i am also trained in tableau . but the real job scenario is demanding 1-3 yrs experience in relevant field….. is it sure after this training job is guareented . do u provide class room training……

    • Applied AI Course
      January 9, 2019

      Please call us at +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583 so that we can better understand your background and discuss with you in person.

  8. shaurabh
    January 4, 2019

    What is likelihood,log-likelihood and maximum likelihood?
    What is maximum likelihood in logistic regression?

    • AppliedAI
      January 5, 2019

      1. Given the observed data and a model of interest, we need to find the one Probability Density Function/Probability Mass Function (f(x|θ)), among all the probability densities that are most likely to have produced the data.

      To solve this inverse problem, we define the likelihood function by reversing the roles of the data vector x and the (distribution) parameter vector θ in f(x| θ), i.e.,

      L(θ;x) = f(x| θ)

      In MLE, we can assume that we have a likelihood function L(θ;x), where θ is the distribution parameter vector and x is the set of observations. We are interested in finding the value of θ that maximizes the likelihood with given observations (values of x).

      2.Maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) is a technique used for estimating the parameters of a given distribution, using some observed data. For example, if a population is known to follow a normal distribution but the mean and variance are unknown, MLE can be used to estimate them using a limited sample of the population, by finding particular values of the mean and variance so that the observation is the most likely result to have occurred.

      3. For many applications, the natural logarithm of the likelihood function, called the log-likelihood, is more convenient to work with. This is because we are generally interested in where the likelihood reaches its maximum value: the logarithm is a strictly increasing function, so the logarithm of a function achieves its maximum value at the same points as the function itself, and hence the log-likelihood can be used in place of the likelihood in maximum likelihood estimation and related techniques.

  9. Hi Sir,

    Does this course help me in solving Kaggle problems or will be in a position to face the kaggle competitions after completion of this course

    • AppliedAI
      January 4, 2019

      Yes, we solved many real world problems in our case studies taken from the kaggle.

  10. January 1, 2019

    Hi Team,
    I have around 10 years of experience in IT industry mainly with Java and related technologies. Currently working as technical lead. Should I consider shifting to ML, AI domain now? Also, does this course covers ai as well or only ml?

    • Applied AI Course
      January 2, 2019

      This course covers the breadth of techniques across ML and AI which are currently relevant to the industry. Given your experience, it is best if you could call us and discuss this over the phone where we could understand your background and answer your questions better. Please call us at +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583.

  11. hi
    is this course contains the concept of objects , classes, constructors and destructors ???????

    • AppliedAICourseTeam 2
      January 1, 2019

      No, they are not covered in this course.

  12. Hello,
    I have spent close to 18 years in IT industry performing various roles as a QA, Dev, Support and lately at Management levels. My core skill is in designing solutions for business and testing. I wish to make a career shift in AI ML domain. Let me know if this is right move at this stage of my career and if there are enough opportunities for people of my age and experience.

    • Applied AI Course
      January 1, 2019

      Tushar, It is best to discuss this over the phone so that we can better understand your background and give you critical and comprehensive feedback. Please call us on +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583.

  13. I don’t have knowledge on libraries like numpy, pandas….and all other libraries used in ML, is there any detailed explanation of these libraries in this course?

    • AppliedAI
      January 1, 2019

      Yes, we will explain how to use numpy and pandas etc in the course.

  14. Harsha chinni
    December 30, 2018


    I am interested to pursue this course online. So, as a part of this, will I be installing any software(s) during the course duration? If so, then what should be the basic configuration of the laptop that I use while pursuing this course online?

    • AppliedAICourseTeam 2
      December 30, 2018

      For GPU you can go with 1050ti Nvidia graphic card or 1060 or 1070. Try to assemble an SSD with >=128G. Keep a minimum of 8G ram preferable 16G. The hard disk is your call.

  15. mohammedarif.jmi
    December 25, 2018


    I have a total of 8+ years of experience in Siebel CRM data migration. I have enrolled in this course last month and am really excited and i must say i am really enjoying it. But i do have some concerns as well.

    Since i have a lot of experience in CRM (particularly in migrating data from legacy systems to Siebel databases):

    1. Are there opportunities in ML on CRM data in big companies?
    2. I would like to do 2-3 case studies in CRM area, will Applied AI team support and mentor me in understanding the CRM scenarios and help me in completing the case studies?
    3. Do companies hire 8+ years experience guy like me with fresh knowledge of ML considering the CTC expectation would be high compared to other fresh graduates who have completed the course?

    Very much appreciate your reply on this. Thank you very much!

    Mohammed Arif

    • Applied AI Course
      December 26, 2018

      1. Yes, Some of the largest CRM software developers like Salesforce have invested heavily in AI and built tools like Einstein. So, CRM is certainly a very fertile area for applications of AI as it contains lots of text and customer data.

      2. Certainly, as you progress through the course, we will work closely with you to build a portfolio of projects around the CRM field as it is your corer area of expertise. We will need lots of inputs from you on the domain-knowledge front as we are not experts in CRM. But, we can certainly will mentor you o the ML front.

      3. We have had students who have transitioned to ML roles with your kind of experience. But, the effort needed would certainly be more as you will have to prove your ML expertise + Domain expertise as employers would expect more advanced case-studies in your portfolio. Employers do pay a premium for domain expertise, which is critical for most ML projects. I think it is too early to talk about compensation now, but we will put in our best efforts to land you in the best possible role based o your expertise.

  16. December 24, 2018

    Is your job placement support restricted to India or you have tie-up with UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi) companies as well?

    Thanking you in advance for your valuable reply.

    • Applied AI Course
      December 25, 2018

      We currently have the Job-Guarantee limited to India and US only. We have NOT yet expanded and built our recruiter partner network in the middle-east.

  17. Hi,
    1) I am coming from Mainframe, and from last three year I am in Big Data Support project, having working knowledge of Hive, Hadoop, sqoop, etc; and understanding of spark-Scala, python, core JAVA ( from company training and self learning). Though when ever I tried for interview, since I am 12 Work exp, question come around like architecture and not like Developer. So, what interview question company will be expecting for MI, knowing that if they investing me with good money, they need more from me, as total Work of years experience.
    2) for doing assignment, do we have mentor-student and student-student forum, where we can clear our doubts ?

  18. shaurabh
    December 18, 2018

    How does ridge regression solves multicollinearity?Why lasso don’t?

    • AppliedAI
      December 18, 2018

      Yes, ridge Regression used when the data suffers from multicollinearity ( independent variables are highly correlated). In multicollinearity, even though the least squares estimates (OLS) are unbiased, their variances are large which deviates the observed value far from the true value. By adding a degree of bias to the regression estimates, ridge regression reduces the standard errors. Ridge regression solves the multicollinearity problem through shrinkage parameter λ (lambda). Have a look at the link here:

      • shaurabh
        December 18, 2018

        I already went before through the link but couldn’t get intuation.Could you pls simplify a bit more.
        And,why don’t lasso(ya I got that it sparsity very easily through your video.But,why not solves multicollinearity?).

        • AppliedAI
          December 19, 2018

          If two predictors are highly correlated LASSO can end up dropping one rather arbitrarily. That’s not very good when you’re wanting to make predictions for a population where those two predictors aren’t highly correlated, & perhaps a reason for preferring ridge regression in those circumstances.

          • shaurabh
            December 19, 2018

            Thanks.How does multicollinearity affects Random Forest?Actually I encountered this question.

          • AppliedAI
            December 19, 2018

            In terms of prediction, it does not affect much if the effect of multi-collinearity presents in both the train and test. However, feature importance score would be influenced, just like other methods such as linear/logistic regression.

            The explanation can be simplified if we consider two collinear variables. If two strong variables are chosen for a decision tree in RF, one must be picked for each split consideration and the other would not likely be picked again since the former has already explained the output variation for both of them (*). The prediction power of that tree does not drop though, so does the RF.

            However, in feature importance score, once one of the two is picked, the other variable is less important to bring any further output variation explanation since the two are correlated well. The overall importance of these two will be reduced

  19. Hi Applied AI team,

    Seaborn topic is not covered in EDA, Without basics unable to understand the code related to the seaborn package, Can anyone help me on it.

    Thank you,


  20. Vinit Sharma
    December 13, 2018

    Does this course contains –
    1. OpenCV
    2. Audio Recognition topics (including audio preprocessing)

    • Applied AI Course
      December 13, 2018

      1. We do cover OpenCV to the extent we need for our case-studies involving self-driving car. We donot dive deep into OpenCV as this is not a computer vision course.
      2. We perform lots of time-series analysis using Fourier transforms and discuss about Spectrograms as a featurization of audio data. We have a case-study about Music generation where we touch upon some audio topics like music encodings. But, as this is not an audio-processing course, we do not dive too deep into audio-signal processing and dive deep into techniques like Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC).

      As part of our course, you will gain the ability to learn many concepts in CV and Audio-processing and use these concepts for ML tasks. We have had students who learned about and used MFCC to build singer detection systems. Similarly, our students were able to pick up SIFT and other feature engineering techniques in CV and apply ML models on top of them.

  21. Shivanand Otari
    December 10, 2018

    Hi Team,
    please correct me if I am Wrong
    1. C.I. is tool/technique which is using to making Rough not exact calculated estimation about data.
    2. It Gives us confidence that my calculation or understanding about data is x% of range is Right rather than throwing stones in the darkness.

    But do we need to take samples of data every time like it shouldn’t be mandatory activity, Right?


    • Applied AI Course
      December 11, 2018

      Yes, C.I gives you a range of values for a random-variable (like mean height of students in a class) and a confidence level (95%) associated with it to signify our “confidence” in this range.

      Without samples of X or the parameters of the distribution(like mu and sigma for Normal disb) of X, we cannot come up with a C.I.

      I think this question does not belong in this comment section. Please post questions under the respective and relevant videos.

  22. December 7, 2018


    I’m very new to ML, just covering statistics in Udemy. My 3 questions.

    1. Is it possible to get lifetime access and can I get access all case studies?
    2.I’m beginner, How many hours I need to spend per day to complete course and hands on?
    3. Do I get certification and mentor to guide me?

    • Applied AI Course
      December 7, 2018

      Hi Selva Kumar,
      1. We are currently restricting the access to one year only to ensure that students are disciplined to complete the course on time.
      2. Please use this sheet to fill in your effort so that we can give you a detailed topic-wise timeline that an average student of our course has taken to complete the course. You will get a detailed timesheet with efforts and duration within a day.
      3. You will get a certificate upon course completion. We have a dedicated team to help you throughout the course answering your queries and questions within 24 hrs. You will also get a mentor to help you with your own case-studies and help you prepare better for placements once you complete 50% of the assignments in the course.

      Please call us at +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583 to know more.

  23. shaurabh
    December 4, 2018

    Hi Team,
    I have one question which may seem silly:-
    “Ok. Suppose I did EDA and came out with some observations and intuation about data
    (eg.,after univariate,bivariate,descriptive,etc. analysis like how data is distributed,related,segmented).
    Now, what we do with these observations( before fitting to sklearn model,eg. LogisticRegression().fit() )?
    I mean what is the purpose of these and where it is used for(before fitting into model)?
    Is its done to SELECT FEATURES(by identifying and dropping the non-useful features), ENGINEER FEATURES(derivation of new features),impute missing values and handle outliers——->””””””””””””””””””SO THAT WE CAN HAVE REFINED DATASET TO FEED INTO THE models””””””””””””””””””””””

    Is the quoted sentence is the sole purpose to get and collect intuation by EDA?


    • AppliedAICourseTeam 2
      December 4, 2018

      Yes, you are right. There are more reasons for it as well:
      1. Let’s take for example you’d want to apply gaussian naive Bayes. Now the assumption is that the features are supposed to be Gaussian distributed and this requires us to explore our data to determine the distribution of our features.
      2. You can also perform use correlation tests to explore which features are collinear(this creates a problem of interpretability of weight vectors in logistic/linear regression).

      There are many such reasons why EDA is necessary and on a case, to case basis, you recognize what kind of EDA you’d perform.

  24. Please tell this course covers all the aspects required for Cloudera certification (CCA, CCP) or not?

    • Applied AI Course
      December 1, 2018

      This is NOT a course on Cloudera certification for Cloudera Big data platform. We cover ML and AI in this course which are not part of CCP or CCA.

  25. Applied AI Course
    November 30, 2018

    Not exactly. Since you already have some experience in networking, we work with you on networking related ML case-studies inn the course once you finnish most of the contents. This will help you build on top of the domain expertise you have in networking. That will help you land a job in companies that are looking for folks in the inntersection of network-security and ML. But, 2 years is not a big deal. So, you can also look for ML roles outside of networking domain also. It is very common for people to transition across jobs in thier career and many recuiters do udnerstand that. While the recuiritng tream might consider you close to a fresher for ML roles, your networking exprience will also be countned and given some weightage.

  26. Swarup Gonthina
    November 30, 2018

    Where can I find free videos?

  27. November 28, 2018

    Hi Team,
    I was just going through your free videos.
    I was watching this video of EDA with Iris dataset, unfortunately I was not able to plot a 2D scatter plot with Petal Length and Petal Width instead I could plot it with Sepal Length and Sepal Width.
    Can you please guide me through this code so that I can identify the problem as I am looking forward to enroll for this course.

  28. shaurabh
    November 26, 2018

    Hi Team,
    What is word2vec(Embedding)?Are we covering this?Where it is used in NLP?

    • AppliedAI
      November 26, 2018

      Word embedding is one of the most popular representation of document vocabulary. Loosely speaking, they are vector representations of a particular word. Word2Vec is one of the most popular technique to learn word embeddings using shallow neural network. Yes, we discussed the concept of word2vec in detail and how exactly it works in NLP.

      • shaurabh
        November 26, 2018

        Thanks Team.
        Could you pls give the link for “Word Embedding” in the course content.
        And Thumbs up for your effort.Well Done.

        • AppliedAICourseTeam 2
          November 26, 2018

          It has been covered in the multi-layered perceptron section of the course. Check here

  29. November 23, 2018

    Hello Sir,
    I found your content interesting but unfortunately, I downloaded the iPython Notebooks, I am wondering why I can’t use Jupyter Notebook as a tool it always get open in the browser.
    I would like to know if I can really use it as a tool or I always have to use it in the browser, if so how will I save my notes and whenever I download this Ipython notes it does not open in the format of Jupyter Notebook, infact it gives me multiple option such as MS Word, Notepad,etc.Can I Use Spyder for the same? Or is it that the code of Spyder can’t run in Jupyter or vice-versa.
    Please help me with this as I am new to programming language and also looking forward to join this course.

    • AppliedAICourseTeam 2
      November 23, 2018

      The Jupyter Notebook App is a server-client application that allows editing and running notebook documents via a web browser. So you need to start the application with “jupyter notebook” on the terminal. If you’d like to use it with an editor, you have to convert it to .py file. Have a look at this and this. Your notebooks can be saved and edited like regular python scripts, just that you’ll be required to open it by launching it on your local system.

  30. Sharath Chandra
    November 20, 2018

    I’m B.E graduate in Mechanical Engineering with 57% with a decent knowledge in programming and I’m also familiar with Machine Learning in a intermediatory level, can i still learn this course and get placed?

    • Applied AI Course
      November 20, 2018

      Please call us at +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583 so that one of us can better understand your background and suggest you if this course is correct for you or not.

  31. Softyabhi
    November 11, 2018

    hii there,
    Which engineering domain is eligible to take this course.As I am from EEE and have knowledge of programming language of c and c++ .Am I eligible to take this course.

  32. Divya Bevinal
    November 7, 2018

    I’m B.E graduate with 55% and not good in programs, can i still learn this course and get placed?

    • Applied AI Course
      November 8, 2018

      To be honest, you got to work very hard to land any job given your prior record and lack of programming knowledge. You got to skill up and be able to showcase your skills which got to be very good. Please call us at +91 8106-920-029 (or) +91 6301-939-583 to discuss whether this course is correct for you or not.

  33. Did I miss the Time series in index or it is not in the course yet?

    • AppliedAI Course
      November 7, 2018

      we have couple of case studies Taxi demand prediction and HAR you will learn the concepts and featurization of time series data in those case studies.

  34. HI,
    I have attended multiple online courses on ML, basically all were hard core theoretical, will this course benefit me ?
    and are you guys planning to Add some NLP stuff in this course ?

    • Applied AI Course
      November 5, 2018

      Hi Shubham, We strongly recommend you go through our sample/free videos which you can access by logging in to our course so that you will get a good idea of how we balance theory and practice of ML. We focus a lot on helping you build a portfolio of projects which help you showcase your skills to potential recruiters. We are very focused on helping our students transition to ML careers through our job-guarantee or money-back guarantee program.

      This course consists of many of the important concepts from NLP ranging from simpler concepts like Bag-of-words to state of the art RNNs for NLP. We have introduced these concepts as the course progresses. We also have many case-studies which focus on NLP applications like quora-question pair similarity, Stackoverflow tagging, Personalized cancer diagnosis etc.

      • oh ok.. regarding Job gaurantee,
        just wanted an assurance that it wont be like setting up an interview for a non reliable company or a company paying in peanuts ?

        • Applied AI Course
          November 6, 2018

          Please look at some of our success stories for a list of companies where our students have been placed. Our students have been placed in a wide spectrum of companies from Fortune 500 to smaller ones based on our student’s calibre, interests and skills. Our student’s salaries also have varied from Rs 5 Lakhs to Rs 30 Lakhs per annum based on their level of expertise and portfolio they build at the end of the course.

  35. Hi
    first of all thank you for great course
    Can you please provide some modules for reinforcement learning.

    • Applied AI Course
      November 5, 2018

      Adding more content to the current course would make it quite bulky for most of our students to finish and stay motivated through the course. Hence, we did not add Reinforcement Learning (RL) to it as of now. We do not want out our students to be overwhelmed by the course content and workload. While we want to add more content, we don’t want to overburden the students.

      We will probably create a new course (or) add RL to this course itself in the future (no guarantees) as optional topics. It should be easy for any of our students to pick up RL once they finish this course as they have all of the background in Maths and Deep-Learning. Please note that no course can cover everything in ML. Often the content in this course itself is split across 2-3 courses. But we designed the course such that students can pick up new concepts fairly easily at the end of the course. Actually, some of our students have picked up RL at the end of this course fairly easily.

      • Hi
        Then I suggest please add another course for RL. I joined course not due to lack of material for ML online but due to organization and flow of course and the way you teach. So I request you to please consider this request seriously. I will happily pay for another course from you.

        • Applied AI Course
          November 5, 2018

          We will surely inform you once we have the Reinforcement course ready (or) when we add RL as an optional content for this course.

  36. rachna
    November 3, 2018

    Sir, I would like to do a PhD in Data Science. How can the Applied ML course help me? Thanks in advance.

    • Applied AI Course
      November 3, 2018

      This course provides you with a good overview of most of the popular ML and DeepLearning algorithms. But, the mathematical rigor we go into is not at a PhD Level as we focus more on applied and practical aspects more than theoretical proofs. But, we have many PhD students who take this course to understand how various techniques are actually sued in practice.

  37. NamrataThakur
    October 31, 2018

    Hello Sir,
    Is text mining a part of the content?

    • Applied AI Course
      October 31, 2018

      Yes, we cover some of the most-used and key concepts in text mining through the course from simple Bag-Of-Words, TF-IDF to more complex Word2Vec and LSTM networks which are state-of-the-art in text mining. We also have multiple case-studies that focus on text/NLP related problems.

  38. gskr82
    October 27, 2018

    Hi All who are searching for an appropriate AI Course,

    I am a current student of this course from a considerable amount of time.
    I can say, undoubtedly, this is the best course in all means for a ML aspirant.
    Below are a few super + points about this course and the team.
    Extensive list of contents
    Good assignments
    Job opportunities
    Extremely responsible team to respond to your queries during course

    All you have to do is complete the course successfully.


  39. Assan Shabomwe
    October 26, 2018

    Team, what are other additional case studies that you plan to add in. Should we assume that this course is now fully complete. I mean, is there materials in the process of being added in near future? (Just asking. I am already happy, super-excited with everything here. I am just asking to be more proud of this course)

    • Applied AI Course
      October 26, 2018

      We keep adding and modifying content as per students’ feedback and new ways we find to improve our content. Our content is dynamic and ever-evolving. We are also working with our students on more case-studies. If we have a good and interesting case study, we could add it to this course at a later time.

  40. October 25, 2018

    I’m a Java Developer experience of 4 years in IT industry, how this course is going to help me out as I am new to this domain and companies will consider me a fresher during hiring process. So is this course enough to start in the field of ML/AI?

    • Applied AI Course
      October 25, 2018

      We have had students who have successfully transitioned to careers in ML with similar backgrounds as yours. Please give us a call at +91 8106-920-029 (or) +91 6301-939-583 to discuss in more detail about your job prospects.

  41. October 24, 2018

    Is this course will be a benefit for a fresher ,I’m 2018 graduate i consult many IT employee’s they said that as a fresher lesser oppurtunitie’s in datascience or ML is it true

    • Applied AI Course
      October 24, 2018

      There are lots of opportunities for freshers who can showcase their real-world ML problem-solving skills by building a strong portfolio of projects. You can find many success stories of freshers that we worked with, on this page.

      For more details, please reach out to us at +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583

  42. Assan Shabomwe
    October 23, 2018

    Is this course (Applied AI course) equal or better or lesser than a masters degree in Data science/machine learning? What does a masters degree cover that is not covered here? And what is covered in Applied AI that is not covered at a masters degree (compare and contrast Applied AI Vs a masters degree)

    • Applied AI Course
      October 23, 2018

      A typical master’s degree focusses on theoretical breadth and depth and prepares you for a PhD program if you choose to pursue it. Some universities do offer more practical courses but lack in their scope of real-world problem-solving skills. Of course, based on the university, the master’s degree could be a very valuable signal to recruiters/companies. In most universities, during your Master’s program, you all learn lots of other subjects like Operating Systems, Algorithms, Databases etc.

      Applied AI Course focusses a lot on applied/practical skills while building up your basics needed for ML/AI. You can think of it as a shorter path to transitioning into an ML career. We have many students who are currently pursuing Masters in some of the world’s best universities taking our course to primarily build up their practical ML skills and build a portfolio to land an ML job.

      So, Masters and AAIC are not disjoint. You can do both or either of them based on your career interests and goals.

  43. Aakash Lad
    October 22, 2018 . now there is no option for anaconda 5.0.0 python 3.6 there is only available for python 3.7
    please resolve this.

  44. lakshman889
    October 21, 2018

    Is there any website that has simple to complex execersises to practice python concepts?

  45. sir i have heard that data scientists spend 90% of their time doing data preprocessing , cleaning , web crawling and various other things on unstructured data . Does this course cover deeply how to handle the unstructured data ???

    • Applied AI Course
      October 19, 2018

      That’s true. We cover lots of tools and techniques on handling unstructured data including text and images in lots of detail. We learn most of these tools through real-world examples in various chapters across the course.

  46. Terminator2
    October 14, 2018

    Please add videos on VC Dimension. Sir, this being a part of machine learning should be present in this course. Sir there were requests long time back, but no additions have been made. I would be thankful if you could add videos on VC dimension.

  47. Please explain me in detail where this will be useful for me after complete this course?

    Thank you

    • Applied AI Course
      October 15, 2018

      Unfortunately, since we don’t know your background, we are unable to give you a specific answer. Please reach out to us at +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583 so that we can have a chat with you about how this course can help you.

  48. Kapil Sharma
    October 13, 2018

    I am currently in second year B.TECH student. if I take this course now and complete it within one year then according to JOB GUARANTEE program do I have to join in my third year itself or will you still help me to get a job after my fourth year completion??

    • admin
      October 13, 2018

      Hi Kapil,
      If you start learning ML now, as you will have ample amount of time to build a terrific portfolio which will surely help you in getting into the ML stream post B.Tech and under the Job Guarantee program, we start sending your resume to the companies for jobs after your B.Tech only provided the course is completed with all the assignments within the validity period. We will be providing you the internships after successful completion of your course assignments at Applied AI Course. You may find more details about this program here.

  49. Fayaz Ahmed
    October 12, 2018

    Why predictive analysis is not covered in the course? Isn’t it important for machine learning and data analysltics? Please advice on the above questions

    • Applied AI Course
      October 12, 2018

      Could you please elaborate on what you mean by Predictive analysis? Did you mean predictive analysis or analytics? If you meant predictive analytics, it mostly involves the techniques we have discussed in detail in our course. Please check this Wikipedia link for Predictive analytics and observe that the techniques listed there are all covered in our course in detail.

  50. HI team,

    i am from non programming background but i have some knowledge in python at-least can able write functions upto 8-10 lines of code i m able to cover this course and how are the assignments sessions will you provide step by step blueprint/process in solving the assignments (not asking for solutions) ,and will you guys teach and cover tensorflow and keras library concepts completely seems the tutorial for both the libraries something like <2 hrs please help me out these three issues

    Thank you

    • Applied AI Course
      October 12, 2018

      We recommend you watch our free videos after creating an account. You will also come across some of our assignments in the free content itself. These assignments and free content will help you understand how hard or easy our assignments are. We strongly recommend you attempt to solve at least one of these assignments to self-evaluate yourself to determine if this course is appropriate for you or not.

      • Wow..! what a swift reply this seems your team is proven customer centrist team great job definitely look in to the assignments .

    • Applied AI Course
      October 12, 2018

      You will learn TF and Keras basics in the first few hours and revisit them throughout our deep-learning chapters and case studies. Most of our students don’t face major challenges with TF and Keras once they have gone through our course and assignments.

  51. teejus123
    October 4, 2018

    I am from big data back ground with 12 years of exp. Is this course going to help me.?

    • Applied AI Course
      October 4, 2018

      Yes, if you want to transition into a career in ML, this course could be of help to you. We recommend you reach out to us at +91 8106-920-029 (or) +91 6301-939-583 so that we can better explain you based on your current experience and skillset.

  52. Gayathri Sakthiganesan
    September 24, 2018

    Hello I am working as a software engineer in a start up and I am very much interested in AI and want to learn it from you guys.I will pour my heart out in learning the course and to follow the schedule and complete it within the specified time.But to be on safer side,I want to know that if in case I miss the deadline of finishing the course in one year will you guys provide me some paid extension for say two or three months to complete the course.This will occur rarely but asking it for safety.

    • Applied AI Course
      September 24, 2018

      Please reach out to us at +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583 so that we can talk to you in person.

  53. sambal shikhar
    September 22, 2018

    How do you guys provide jobs to freshers in the field of ML which has most jobs where some experience is required

    • Applied AI Course
      September 23, 2018

      Our success stories have many freshers who have landed in ML jobs after completing this course. While experience is important, many companies are willing to hire freshers if they can showcase their real-world and applied knowledge of ML by solving practical problems by building a portfolio of projects that they have solved which includes code, plots, and detailed blogs. There is no scarcity of jobs in ML for people with the right practical skills which we try and teach through the course.

  54. September 22, 2018

    Are you gonna cover deployment and runtime model prediction as well?

    • Applied AI Course
      September 22, 2018

      We have covered many of the details about deployment and continuous monitoring of models in this course. But, the exact specifics of deployment depend a lot on the infrastructure, architecture, and platforms used by different teams. Hence, we give an overview of the choices we have without going into lots of detail as the specifics would be very team and project specific.

  55. September 19, 2018

    Hi Team, i’m iOS developer will be completing 2 years in industry soon, i wanted to build my career in field of AI. How this course will help me to getting job in AI/ML field? do you provide any placement assistance and course completion certificate? Looking forward to take this course.

    • Applied AI Course
      September 19, 2018

      The answer is an yes to all of your questions. We suggest you talk to us over phone for more details and specifics about your career potential before you register for the course. You can call us at +91 8106920029 or +91 6301-939-583.

  56. September 18, 2018

    I had 10 years of teaching experience in academics. I teach courses like Probability and stochastic process, Image Processing. I am presently pursuing PhD on “Speech Recognition”. I am specifically oriented towards speech recognition and Deep Speech. I glanced through course and contents in deep learning as well. So, will this course give enough prerequisites to understand and implement Deep Speech. Or in other way, can i choose project from deep speech which really helps in broaden my skills for my research?
    PS: I am also looking for job change, after successful completion of assignments and project (exclusively on Speech), can i expect assistance to specifically look at companies working on speech?

    • Applied AI Course
      September 18, 2018

      Hi Veerender, this course covers all of the basics you need to build deep-learning based speech systems. We will also closely work with you on speech+DL based projects. But, we CANNOT guarantee you a job in the speech domain exclusively as there are limited openings in speech processing in India. We will certainly assist you but cannot guarantee you. If you are open to other areas of ML, our Job Guarantee program is anyway applicable to all of our students.

  57. September 11, 2018

    Hi…I need a suggestion…I am from commerce background but interested in learning Artificial Intelligence. So far I have completed HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, and next I will be covering Python. What would you suggest me: to take this course now or do some more homework and then start this course?

    • September 11, 2018

      You can check our free videos, and if you are feeling very confident about those concepts then you can go for it. you can call us at the numbers that are mentioned on the website

  58. Sravanthi Nandigama
    September 5, 2018

    I have 10 + years of exp in IT Industry. I worked for 5 years in web development and past 5+ years working as SQL server senior developer.
    I have the background of Stats in my degree. After learning your course can i get a job assistance in getting the opportunity from you.


    • Applied AI Course
      September 5, 2018

      Please call us at +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583 so that we understand your current role and better answer your question more accurately.

  59. September 4, 2018


    I was working for 7 years as a QA analyst in one of the companies and then I left software field to start a business and it became 8 years , so i want to again come back to software field , I have knowledge in networking and a little bit python , so will this course help me particularly in getting job in any software company

    • Applied AI Course
      September 5, 2018

      Please call us at +91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583 so that we understand your current role and answer your questions more accurately.

  60. Premnath_AI
    September 4, 2018

    I have more than 10yrs of work experience primarily in IT application development and maintenance.
    Upon completion of this course, will I get assistance from you for getting into a senior data scientist role with a significant upgrade in my pay package.
    I’m open to discuss specifics over a call.

    • Applied AI Course
      September 5, 2018

      Please call us (+91 8106-920-029 or +91 6301-939-583) so that we understand your current role and compensation better and be able to answer your question more accurately.

  61. Animesh007
    August 26, 2018

    Sir is this course cover data analysis and visualization which is the core of data analyst job?

    • AppliedAI Course
      August 26, 2018

      Yes, we have covered data anlysis and visualization techniques in our course. Please check out our curriculum once then you will get the better idea of what we covered in this course

  62. Mohit Kothari
    August 25, 2018

    Hello sir,
    I completed my Mechanical Engg in 2015 and M.Tech ( CAD/CAM & Automation) in 2017. Since one year I have been working as Product Developer (Analyst – SQL Basic) in E-Learning Startup. Can I Take This course seeing my background and will I able to get a job as ML engineer in any company provided I don’t have relevant work experience and From different field?
    Please help me and guide me.
    Thank You

    • Applied AI Course
      August 27, 2018

      If you can complete this course, it’s assignments and build a good portfolio of projects showcasing your work and skills, it is possible for you to land an entry level ML role. We have many freshers who have no prior experience who got placed at the end of this course. Your background in SQL and as an Analyst may also help you as you can perform some data analysis using SQL.

  63. Sathyanarayana yadav menugonga
    August 21, 2018

    num = input (“enter a number”)
    print num

    File “”, line 2
    print num
    SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to ‘print’. Did you mean print(num)?

    showing this errors

    • AppliedAI Course
      August 21, 2018

      if you are using python 3+ version you have to use print() function not print statement
      Note: print statement is used in python2+ version

  64. Sathyanarayana yadav menugonga
    August 21, 2018

    print(“hello(name),(greeting)”.format(name= “ravi”,greeting= “good morning”))


    when i was running this input i got error like this

  65. August 21, 2018

    I am pursuing 3rd year btech cse will I get good job in ML(if performed well) after completing the course

    • Hi Sai,
      If you start learning ML now, as you will have ample amount of time to build a terrific portfolio which will surely help you in getting into the ML stream post BE. Under the Job Guarantee program, we start sending your portfolio to the companies for jobs after your final year only provided the course is completed with all the assignments within the validity period because, in order to get into a job post this course, we recommend students to complete their degree as it is often mandatory for most of the jobs[eligibility criteria].

      We will be providing the internships after successful completion of your course assignments at Applied AI Course.

      Also, we strongly recommend you check out our demo videos on our website to understand our teaching methodology and to get an initial idea about the course.

  66. Ehshan Khan
    August 21, 2018

    In your course you teach developing ML models using python. But python code can’t be uploaded in any micro controller. So do you guys teach developing ML models in C or C++ so that such code can be uploaded in micro controller for remote real time application.

    • Applied AI Course
      August 22, 2018

      Good question. We currently do not teach building ML models in C/C++ as there is not good support for C/C++ for many ML tasks. We preferred to use Python in this course as it the most popular choice in the industry for most ML tasks.

      It is possible to build a model in Python and port it to C/C++ code easily which is very common in the industry for latency requirements and we describe that in detail in this video.

      • Ehshan Khan
        August 22, 2018

        The video you shared shows ‘content of the item is restricted’. Can you guide me how after completing your course,I will be able to make ML models in C/C++.

        • Applied AI Course
          August 22, 2018

          If you are not an enrolled student, you may not be able to access all of the course content. Translating models from Python to C/C++ for deployment is fairly straightforward as most models involve simple matrix/array/logical operations as shown below.
          1. Logistic regression, Linear regression: Multiply two vectors/arrays
          2. Decision Tree, RandomForest and GBDT: Nested if-else statements.
          3. Deep-learning models: Sequence of n-dim array multiplications.
          4. SVM: Sum of products of arrays.

          You might still want to train the models in Python as there are tons of good libraries to do so. But, when it comes to productionizing the models on a microcontroller, you can port these models easily to C/C++/ASM code as most ML models involve mostly n-dim array operations or logical operators at run-time. Training models on a microcontroller may be hard as you will need to write lots of code in C/C++ and training a model is compute, memory and power intensive which you don’t want to perform on a microcontroller.

    • Ehshan Khan
      August 24, 2018

      Thanks for your reply. Looking forward to joining Applied AI Course.
      Just a suggestion. It will be very helpful if you guys cover building ML models in C/C++. Because restricting the course till python and research is not justice to our skills which we will be developing through your course. At the end anything we develop must have some market value.

      • Applied AI Course
        August 27, 2018

        We strongly believe that you will be able to easily build C/C++ production models at the end of this course if you are already proficient in C/C++. If there are any issues in that regard as you progress through the course, we will surely help you.

        From our own experience, it is not optimal to choose multiple languages in this course as that could create confusion and overwhelm many of the students.

  67. August 15, 2018

    Why EDA topic has been introduced before covering probability and statistics ?

    • Applied AI Course
      August 15, 2018

      We introduce many concepts in Probability and Stats and Plotting in EDA chapter itself. EDA chapter takes a practical example to help students understand concepts from a practical standpoint using plots and graphical means.

  68. August 12, 2018

    Sir, are there any plans of preparing videos on GANs , Boltzman Machines, RBMs , etc ??……the applications of them were quite interesting.

    • Applied AI Course
      August 13, 2018

      Yes, we will introduce some of these new topics to the course in the next few weeks. You will get an email update of new videos added to the course.

  69. Ravali
    August 9, 2018

    Sir, I am a student of ACE College of Engineering…
    When I tried to install Python on a Windows 32 bit System,It said “This program cant start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing.”
    Inspite of many installations,it got repeated.
    Please help me install it.
    And My progress is not getting updated despite completion of videos….
    Please fix this problem……

    • AppliedAI Course
      August 9, 2018

      1. Try download Python according to your OS(64bit or 32bit)

      2. The problem is that the KB2999226 (Universal CRT) which is part of the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 failed to install.

      Install Windows Updates:

      Go to Start – Control Panel – Windows Update
      Check for updates
      Install all available updates.
      After the updates are installed, restart your computer.
      After the restart repeat the steps above again until no more updates are available.
      Download the Visual C++ Redistributable:

      For Windows 64-bit
      Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (64-bit)

      For Windows 32-bit
      Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (32-bit)

      Run the vcredist_x64.exe (64-bit) or vcredist_x86.exe (32-bit) and select Uninstall

      Run the .exe again and select Install

      If error is still exists please please install anydesk in your system and share id of anydesk to One of our team member will connect to your system and will resolve your problem

  70. shashank
    August 1, 2018

    Hi I am interested in this course. So I want to know that what kind of laptop configuration is good for ml and deep learning course since I have heard that it requires a lot of processing power to run smoothly. I have searched a lot over the internet but still I am confused. Please help me. Thanks

    • Applied AI Course
      August 3, 2018

      We keep most of our deep-learning case studies simple enough so that all of our students can try them out on their basic laptops. But, if are keen to get a new system for deep-learning, it is cost effective to buy a desktop with NVIDIA graphics cards like GTX 1060, 1070 or 1080 based on your budget. Laptops with comparable configurations cost much more than desktops.

  71. Samarjit Mohanty
    July 11, 2018

    Hi There, Do you cover NLP in the course?

    • AppliedAI Course
      July 11, 2018

      We have partly covered the NLP concepts in our course. We have discussed some of the techniques like bag of words, tf-idf, word2vec, average word2vec etc

  72. mohammedarif.jmi
    July 11, 2018

    Once i purchase the course, how long the videos will be available for me to access? Is it a life-time access to the videos? Because sometimes in future we may require a particular concept to get cleared by watching the particular video.


    • AppliedAI Course
      July 12, 2018

      AppliedAIcourse is valid for 1 year(365 days).

  73. bb
    July 10, 2018

    I’m looking for a ‘data scientist’ course specifically, & not for a “ML/AI/DataScience – Engineer” course.

    1. Is this the right course for me?

    1.1. If yes, how do you compare your course with the below ‘Data Scientist with Python’ courses which are highly recommended?

    1.2. If yes, please specify which all topics of your’s (mentioned below) should I omit, to make my learning ‘Data Scientist’ specific/oriented & not drift away towards “DataScience/ML/AI/ – Engineering” ?


    • Applied AI Course
      July 12, 2018

      The titles of Data-scientist, ML engineer, AI engineer, ML Scientist, Research Engineer are used by different companies in different to broadly mean folks who can use data to create value. Our course content is created using the broadest definition in mind so that our students can crack any interview for all of these roles in most companies. Hence, if you are looking for Data-Scientist roles, we recommend you cover all of these concepts.

  74. Gayathri Sakthiganesan
    July 10, 2018

    I have two questions
    1)After completion of this course, can I be a part of any machine learning (even the latest and most advanced) project and work and contribute for it??
    2)After completion of this course can I crack the interview for entry level machine learning engineer or data scientist position of even big Tech Giants like Google,Facebook etc??

    • Applied AI Course
      July 10, 2018

      1. Yes, we would love to work with you on state of the art projects if you are able to showcase your skills and depth of understanding in the assignments.
      2.Some of our students to are already interviewing with top notch companies. Aditionally, data scientists from some of the top notch companies you mentioned are taking our course to expand thier practical knowledge. To get an interview call from top notch companies, your portfolio needs to be very high quality with at least 3-5 very good case studies which we will mentor you on.

      • Gayathri Sakthiganesan
        July 10, 2018

        Thank you for your reply

  75. As I am planning to do MS is Machine learning If I complete this course or in the middle somewhere can I get LOR based on my performance.

  76. mehak kawatra
    July 9, 2018

    1. Do you also cover the Markov models?
    2. Also, do you teach Image processing as part of the course? as it will be required in few of the case studies that involve data as images
    3. The case studies that are mention in the end like human activity recognition, do you only give a brief overview, or they are taught like rest of the others in detail? How do you go about teaching them?
    4. We have to choose which case studies to pursue, or we can try all of them out? How exactly do you go ahead about them?

      • sajeed
        July 23, 2018

        Hi sir,

        Its better if the course includes a separate section for sequence models, where the section involves techniques like hmm, Maximum entropy markov models, conditional random fields. These are some of the good algorithms for NLP sequence labeling tasks.

        • Applied AI Course
          July 24, 2018
        • September 24, 2018

          The topics that are covered in AAIC is so extensive that you would anyway feel overwhelmed but if you still need to cover HMMs please do check out Siraj’s move 37

          • Applied AI Course
            September 24, 2018

            We have NOT covered HMMs as most applications like NLP and Speech recognition which used HMMs a decade back currently use RNNs which we cover in lots of detail in this course including multiple case studies involving RNNs. We have tried to cover the most important techniques used in the industry today and avoid those which are not extensively used as of now. But the course gives you the necessary tools and basics to learn most concepts of ML/AI at the end of the course as no course can cover everything.

          • September 24, 2018


            I know that and I have told exactly that thing only. That AAIC is very extensive. But if for some reason anyone still needs to cover HMMs, then that link would be useful. Giving an additional resource would never harm right.

            PS. I am already pursuing AAIC

          • Applied AI Course
            September 24, 2018

            Thank you Mayukh. Certainly, more resources are always better as students can get a broader perspective on various topics.

  77. dreamer122354
    July 9, 2018

    Why increasing or decreasing C causes overfit or underfit.? What is the mathematics reason behind regularization or C parameter here. Can
    anyone help me to understand how it would effect when we start taking the derivatives of cost function? I don’t get a clear picture of what does
    penalizing the coefficient means?
    Similarly in the logistic regression regularization equation. Why increasing or decreasing lambda effects derivative of cost function.
    It will be very helpful if anyone can take some dummy numbers and help me understand what we mean by penalizing coefficient in both SVM and Logistic?

    • Applied AI Course
      July 11, 2018

      This has been explained in detail as the tradeoff between loss-minimization and regularization in the following videos in the corresponding chapters of Logistic regression and SVMs.

      A shorter and simpler intuitive explanation can be found here: [Audio reply]

  78. dreamer122354
    July 7, 2018

    Why is the equation of plane in SVM taken w(t)X+b=1? Is it same as straight line equation. Why perpendicular vector w is taken as coefficient? Where it came from?

    • Applied AI Course
      July 9, 2018

      The eqn of a plane that doesn’t pass through origin is w.x+b=0 can also be written as w.x+b’=1 if b’ = b+1.

      We take the eqn of two planes to be w.x+b = +/- 1 and not w.x+b=0 in the case of SVM as we have two planes: one for +ve hyperplane with RHS = +1 and another for -ve hyperplane with RHS = -1. Now the distance between these planes is 2/||W|| and this formulation shows that the +ve and -ve hyperplanes are exactly at the same distance (1/||w||) from the separating hyperplane w.x+b=0. We take the eqns in this form primarily to make the simpler for us to work with.

  79. Hi, im from telecom background, can you help me build portfolio on the basis of telecom background.. i want to work on telecom case studies. do you have it to help me, so that i can enrol for this course

    • Applied AI Course
      July 8, 2018

      Raghavendra, the case studies we discuss will help you solve a wide spectrum of case studies across many domains. As part of your portfolio projects, we encourage you to pick problems in your core domain which is telecom. We will surely work with you on solving these case-studies. First, I recommend you complete the course content, assignments and case-studies to get a good idea of ML and AI.

      • thanks for your response. I called to one of your team member and he said on phone that you will be giving problems on telecom domain, so that i can build portfolio around that. could you please confirm if its true? I majorly need a curriculum build on telecom projects. Few of my collegues are also interested but all r looking for projects around the domain.

        • Applied AI Course
          July 9, 2018

          I am glad you called us. We will certainly help you pick projects from telecom domain for your portfolio projects.

  80. liyakat
    July 5, 2018

    Do you also teach, how to deploy ML model/algos in production from an end to end perspective? What all infrastructure set up would be required for ML models to be up and running? Also how frequently is it requiried to retrain or improve the models already deployed in Production region?

  81. sachin7788
    June 29, 2018

    I am from programming background(mobile apps and nodejs) and understand the basics of Python, but i dont know math. Does this course suitable for me.

    • AppliedAI Course
      June 30, 2018

      sachin, we will teach every thing from scratch.
      Coming to math part, we will cover all the things which are required for machine learning and deep learning. You can check out our syllabus.

      • There are no programming assignment and project then how will student implement their knowledge they learned so far

        • AppliedAI Course
          July 4, 2018

          There are 30 programming assignments in our course.

  82. vinaychowdaryk
    June 26, 2018

    HI team, Will you teach AI And ML?
    or only Phython??

    • AppliedAI Course
      June 26, 2018

      This online Machine Learning course which we provide consists of 140+ hours of content covering Python, Probability, and Statistics, LinearAlgebra, Data Visualization, Machine Learning techniques, Deep Learning techniques and 13+ real-world case studies solved end to end solving problems at companies like Amazon, Facebook, Quora, Uber, Netflix etc

  83. subhadeep
    June 25, 2018

    Hi Team – Will dis course also give me a good idea of analytics concepts as i think the fields are related.

    • This course will teach you concepts of data analysis, probability, statistics, and data visualization which lie at the core of data-analytics. It teaches you all these concepts from a practical standpoint using Python.

      What we do NOT teach are tools like Tableau and Excel which are simple UI tools to perform data analysis. We help you understand what is happening inside these tools and be able to build the functionality they provide from scratch in Python.

  84. Admin bar avatar
    Harsha Vardhan
    June 22, 2018

    Hi Team,

    Can you share any assessments on the python programming or any sample programs to solve in python.

  85. Hi ,

    is there any time limit to complete the course?

    • Yes, the validity of the Applied AI course is 365 days from the date of registration and the course should be completed within this period.

  86. Do we get to know about the case studies if we enroll to this course?
    Or do we need to pay extra of 15000/- for each case study?

  87. Vamsy
    June 15, 2018

    Throughout your website, you refer to this course as “Applied Machine Learning…” whereas your courseware says “Applied AI …”.
    Which one is correct?
    I know both are closely related, but AI, for sure, is much broader than the ML, If my understanding is correct. Please clarify.

    June 10, 2018

    Hi there,
    I currently work in a product based company in Tech support with an inclination towards Machine learning, honestly because it is an emerging and interesting field. I read all the comments in here, just to be sure if this is the right and dependable place for a career change and I was quite convinced looking at the comments and your website. I did read that there is no prerequisite for joining this course. However, I do not have any basic understanding of c, c++ or Java to be frank. The only thing I know is sql, so would that be enough to understand the flow of the whole course and eventually land up into the job like you promise on your website (Taking the written criteria into consideration)? Could you please give me a definitive answer if possible, because I’m really confused and could use a mentor? Thanking you in advance! You can also reach out to me at

    • Applied AI Course
      June 10, 2018

      We recommend you watch our free videos on Python in our course. If you can understand them, there is no need for concern about understanding the programming part of the course. You can easily self evaluate yourself. Please checkout the other videos of other concepts also as they will help you understand if you will be able to cope with the course content.

      Knowing SQL is very helpful as you will understand data processing much more easily than others who don’t know it.

  89. With MLaaS platforms available with Azure & AWS, do we still need to have fair understanding of linear algebra / statistics / calculus ? And how your course complements these public cloud platforms, will I still need them ?

    • Applied AI Course
      June 7, 2018

      Most MLaaS platforms help data-scientists (DS) build, productionize, deploy and iterate their solutions faster. They do not replace the deep-knowledge that DS needs to have to solve real-world problems well. We do not teach how to use AzureML or AWS-ML or Google-ML in this course as of now. We teach the core-fundamentals of ML which will make picking up any of these platforms a week-end task. In the real-world, you may still use many of these MLaaS to speed-up your work and have access to cloud-scale compute, storage and processes.

      A good analogy to MLaaS is with Compilers. Compilers made programmers life simpler and made programming significantly faster but it didn’t replace programmers need for having a good grasp of programming languages and code-optimizations.

  90. johnken wiley
    May 21, 2018

    This course seems to be extremely focused on machine learning algorithms so – Are you also going to add some intensive specific application of deep learning like some projects only related to computer vision like face detection ? If not please try to add these intensive projects too to make this course a exceptional one!

    • Applied AI Course
      May 21, 2018

      We have covered Deep-MLPs, CNNs, and RNNs in lots of detail in the later chapters in this course. We also have computer-vision specific applications like building a self-driving car using Deep-learning. We will certainly be adding more deep-learning case-studies in the future as this course content is very dynamic and evolving.

    • gskr82
      June 6, 2018

      I support this idea. It would be great if we have a case study – Text extraction from an image and classify the text using CNN.
      Very much interested in OCR methods.

      • Applied AI Course
        June 10, 2018

        That would be fairly easy for you to learn and build as this course provides all of the necessary basics.
        We strongly encourage our students to be able to learn new concepts on thier own by the end of the course. We want our students to be life long leanrers leveraging tons of resources on the internet once they get the basics right.

        Many of our students have taken up case studies on fairly advanced problems builidng upon the basics they learn in this course.

        If one of our students can opt in to take up this as thier case study for thier portflio, we will help you though the case study. gskr82, are you up for it?

        For this specific problem, there are two parts to it. First, detect the part of the image that has text and then recognize the text using OCR.

        A quick Google search provides the following resource which are easy to follow and build upon once you go though the course content:

        Alternatively, you can google search for “text localization in images” for detecting the location of text and then search “OCR using CNN” for the OCR component.

  91. johnken wiley
    May 16, 2018

    Are you also going to cover tutorials of Tableau for data visualization in the course because i think it’s mostly used in industry ?

    • Applied AI Course
      May 17, 2018

      No, we are not teaching Tableau. While Tableau is used in the industry, it is a GUI tool like Microsoft Excel. We are more focussed on core Data analysis, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning wherein you learn how to build each of the visualizations available in Tableau from scratch in Python.

      The concepts you learn in this course will help you better understand how Tableau’s internal plotting systems work and which plotting tool to use based on context. By the end of this course, you will be able to build a simplified version of Tableau like tool in Python.

  92. Shannmuka
    May 14, 2018

    When we come across any problem while doing our case studies, will you guy’s help us to overcome it or we must do it by ourselves?

    • In case if you are stuck anywhere/have any doubts while solving the case-studies,we will surely help you out with that through email or an audio/video call.

  93. Can we start with the course immediately after registration? Or there is any time duration?

    • Hi Amod, you will receive the access to the Applied AI course immediately post the registration and payment to the course.

  94. As mentioned in your website so is it true that you people are giving 100% job guarantee .
    If yes on what basis you are giving this commitment ,I am sure there will be some term and conditions , what are those?

    • Applied AI Course
      May 3, 2018

      Here is a detailed explanation of the process and terms and conditions: This link is also available on our homepage in the top menu.

      If you prefer a video explaining the same, please check

      We are very clear of our promise: If you finish the 30 mandatory assignments (without plagiarism) in the course, which you can comfortably solve if you go through the video content and spend time-solving these assignments, we will place you in an ML job within six months of completing the assignments. For some reason, if we fail to do so, we will refund your course fee.

  95. after 12 months the course content including the paid ones will be archived ?

    • Yes, since the validity of the Applied AI course is one year, the course access will be revoked automatically after 12 months.

  96. April 30, 2018

    Good Evening. I am looking for a class on multivariate regression (multiple dependent variables). Would this be covered as part of your course or if i register, can you point to material that i can refer to?

    • One way to handle multivariate regression is to think of it as building k regressors if the output is a k-dimensional vector. We cover regressors in detail in the course.

      Another method would be to train a Nueral net that has k activation units in the last layer which we cover in detail in our Nueral networks and deep learning sections.

      If you have specific problem that you want to solve, we can certainly help you with the appropriate references.

      • Thank you. I am sure you will be able to help. It is also handled as an optimization problem using some sort of RBF. But i am signing up this week for this course to learn ML/DL, though i am not most certainly looking for a job as an outcome. Thanks again.

  97. Nag
    April 23, 2018

    Is Multi-variable calculus covered in this course ?

    • We teach all concepts of multi variable calculus needed for machine learning and Deeplearning. But we don’t teach ALL of the concepts in multivariable calculus as not all of them are needed in ML and DL

  98. Is r language is not cover in this course?

    • No, We are teaching Python in this course

      • good evening sir,
        as R programming language is used in statistics works, then why it is not being taught in your course…Is there anyother contents present which you provide that substitute the requirement of that language?

        • Applied AI Course
          October 27, 2018

          Today, the most popular language for data-science, ML and deep-learning is Python. Hence, we have used Python throughout this course and we teach Python from scratch. While R is being used in some companies, students who finish our course can easily pickup R as they have all the fundamentals of data-science, ML and programming. Our course is only a starting point in your journey in data-science and ML and not an end. We provide all of the basics needed for you to be a lifelong learner and to transition into an ML career.

  99. Sir,
    I have been trying to install python 3.6.3 on windows 8.1 but getting setup failed error “0x80240017”.
    Can you guide me how to fix this error as soon as possible

  100. Assan Shabomwe
    April 21, 2018

    Sir I am unable to access all the Datasets required for workshop. could you please send me the link to the data sets? send to

  101. Everything about the course seems to be great, except the environment, since we have only a normal laptop, which could not help with large datasets…We are doomed, bcoz configuring a system as per the requirement in quora will cost us something around 70-90k…I suppose….It will be great if u can add a way..Like using aws with a normal computer, which would resolve the issue…..

  102. Hello , I am doing your course I am doing the feature engineering section but I am like confuse about it,like how to do feature engineering in the projects and all. Can you suggest anything about it?

    • Please watch the videos of casestudies then you will understand it better

      • what about google tensorflow ?…I am looking for ML with tensorflow

        • We will cover tensorflow and keras in deeplearning along with concepts.

          • April 14, 2018

            When will deep learning course start? and what will be the fees?

          • April 15, 2018

            Deep learning is also included in this course. Please check our curriculum

  103. I am using windows 32 bit system,Should I install 32 bit version python or installing 64 bit necessary as given in downloading videos.Will 32 bit affect my performance

    • You should required 64 bit windows.
      Because, to install tensorflow minimum windows 64 bit system is required

  104. Vivek Raj
    April 1, 2018

    Sir i want to buy a laptop for ML and DL.but confused between mackbook pro 15 inch or dell xps15 inch please is macbook pro in running dl algorithms on large dataset as compared to a dell xps 15 which has nivdia 1050 while macbook has very basic graphic card.

  105. March 30, 2018

    sir,is offline available??how much time does it take more??

    • appliedaicourse is an online course. Validity of the course is 1 year. We are not going to conduct any offline classes.

  106. Admin bar avatar

    Do you really believe that your course content and teaching methodologies will help your clients to get a well paid job(keeping in mind that students will put good efforts on completing assignments) ?

    • admin
      March 31, 2018

      Yes, Srikanth. We are very confident about our course content.

  107. Vikram Nethi
    March 27, 2018

    Iam interested in this course. Iam btech chemical engineering I eligible

    • Since your profile is different from what you are going to learn, it wouldn’t be easy and there could be glitches. So, you have to put a lot of effort and hard work by building a terrific portfolio which showcases your work to potential recruiters.
      We strongly recommend you to check out our free videos first on our website here and on YouTube to get an initial idea of the course and content being taught.

  108. March 22, 2018

    What is the validity of this course?

  109. March 18, 2018

    Is Applied Machine Learning Online Course containg all case studies contents which worth is 15000 Rs.? or it contain only overview?

  110. I am an experienced professional located in Delhi NCR. Does job guarantee is provided in my region too ?

  111. gskr82
    March 16, 2018

    Its looking like the downloadable syllabus content and curriculum tab course content are no more in sync. Could you please update the syllabus soon after you add any new topic.

  112. Sir,
    The course cost is as mentioned 25K . Does it include all the projects mentioned for 15k or we must pay for them aslo??

  113. I am a fresher.After completion of AI course are you provide any job opportunities for us?

  114. HI,
    What is the duration of this course ? Can we get the duration of each module like as you have mentioned in video you will go through all basic steps to guide / teach the module.
    For Python, AI and Mathematics for this

  115. pearly_mathew
    March 14, 2018


    How are the projects submitted?