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  9. The validity of Applied AI/Machine Learning course is 1 year and for Applied AI/Machine Learning projects is 6 months.
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  13. Please check the Job Guarantee terms and conditions down here if you are registering for job guarantee or money back Machine learning course program.


Job Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

  1. It is mandatory to submit all course assignments/exercises within 12 months from your date of registration without any plagiarism.
  2. If you submit all the course assignments within 12 months, then you are eligible for either job guarantee or cash back. Otherwise, we will provide job assistance and career counseling.
  3. If you are eligible for job guarantee and you do not get a job within 6 months from your date of completion of all assignments, then we will refund your course fee excluding GST.
  4. You have to apply and attend interviews to all the job references given by Applied AI Course. There will be no refund if you are not interested in applying for jobs or if you don’t attend the interviews at scheduled times.
  5. For students pursuing B.Tech/M.Tech/MS, you need to graduate within 12 months from the date of registration to eligible for job guarantee program. This condition is to ensure that we can forward student’s resume to the potential employers during this job guaranteed program. In case you do not graduate within 12 months of the date of registration, we will place you within 6 months of your graduation given you are eligible for job-guarantee or cash back program.
  6. These terms and conditions may be modified at any time and we will let you know if we update anything. The most recent changes or revisions will appear on this page.
  7. This job guarantee or cash back program is applicable only for students who register for Applied AI/ML course. This program is NOT applicable for  AI/ML projects and AI workshops.
  8. For anyone who is looking to get into top tier product based companies, it is mandatory to have a sound knowledge in data structures and algorithms. We will assess your current level of knowledge in data structures and algorithms and only after satisfactory performance, we would share your resume and portfolio with the recruiters.
  9. Upon successfully getting placed or having receiving job offer through Applied AI course, you would have to share your testimonial either in the form of a video and text.