How to Learn from Appliedaicourse

Instructor: Applied AI Course Duration: 35 mins



Course Videos:

  1. You can access the course video content at

  2. Please try and follow the given order in which the videos appear. Try not to jump between the concepts as many future videos have required concepts covered in past videos. If you already know a concept, try and watch the videos at a faster playback speed as it can help you fill gaps and give you a good revision.

  3. Under each video, in the description section, you will find additional material, videos, iPython notebooks, reference links and any corrections in the video. Please try to go through this content as it helps you gain a broader perspective on the topic.


Comment & Emails:

  1. When you are watching any particular concept and if have any query/question/doubt, before you comment below the video, please do check the previous comments which are already answered as many of the frequently asked queries are already answered in the comments section or the description section.

  2. Please do NOT comment about issues related to "installation", "code errors", "code explanations", "assignment code" below the video in the comment section. If you have any queries regarding them please drop an email to as it will help us better address your answer.

  3. For the questions that you are going to ask over email regarding "coding or error"s please do share the iPython notebook, PDFs of the notebook and the screenshots so that we can suggest you corrections faster. You can easily convert ipynb to pdf: File->Download As->HTML->[convert HTML to pdf using online tools]


AAIC Classroom:

  1. The URL for classroom is

  2. We use our AAIC Classroom platform to accept your assignment submissions, evaluate them and share our feedback with you.

  3. Please go through the following document to join the AAIC Classroom                                                                                      Steps to join the AAIC Classroom



  1. Please check this video to see how to submit an assignment: AAIC Classroom Platform

  2. All optional assignments are marked as optional.

  3. For every assignment, we have a video which explains the task at hand which you can find it in the classroom itself for that corresponding assignment.

  4. Please do NOT obtain the source code or solve the assignments with the help of other students. These assignments are designed for you to learn and practice without which you will not be able to solve real-world problems. If we find code plagiarism, you would be ineligible for the job-guarantee or money back program as per the terms stated here. All the students found to be participating in plagiarism including the original creator/author of the code would be disqualified for the job-guarantee or money back program.

  5. You would get detailed feedback after each submission with areas of improvement and fix. Most of our students who are diligent and careful would get the submission correct the first or second time.

  6. Make your work (iPython notebook) more readable by removing unnecessary print statements and using markdown-cells to document your observations along with the comments in your code cells.

  7. Please don't submit more than TWO assignments at once. As there is a high chance that you would do the same mistakes in all of your work and that leads to an increased number of resubmissions. It is best to submit your assignments one after the other as we often revert back to you with feedback for your assignments in under 24 hrs.


Slack Discussion Forum:

  1. You will be receiving an invitation to join the Slack group to your email within 24 hours from the time of registration. Please go through the below link for steps to join the Slack group.                                                                                                            Steps to join Slack group


Live Sessions:

  1. All the live sessions will be conducted using Airmeet platform.

  2. Please use your registered email address only to access the live sessions via Airmeet.

  3. Airmeet URLs for the live session will be sent to the students before the event.

  4. All the previous live sessions are available in our website at the end of each module in the course curriculum.


Mentorship Guidelines:

  1. How to do the assignments?

  2. In which order you have to submit the assignments?

  3. When to schedule mock interviews?

  4. And how to start working with personal case studies? etc.

    All such details are clearly explained in the document mentioned below:

    Mentorship Guidelines



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