Python, Anaconda and relevant packages installations

Instructor: Applied AI Course Duration: 23 mins

Installing Python 2.7




installtion guide:

version 3.6 :




Ubuntu 16.04  and 14.04 ships with both Python 3 pre-installed.

to check versions


$ python3 -V


Python 3.6.1




Mac  OS X comes preinstalled  with python2.7

you can install 3.6, please download python3 from

please refere :


We use Python3


Installing anaconda:


for all windows, linux and mac;


NOTE: please check "add Anaconda to your PATH environment variable"


anaconda download links:

please choose files according to your specs


Quick start:


launch notebook:


once after installing the anaconda, open terminal and enter


$jupyter notebook


On  successful installation of anaconda it will open a new tab in your browser and

please refer this video:


Installing packages: (Windows, Mac, Linux)


Goto command prompt:

  1. pip3 install pandas
  2. pip3 install matplotlib
  3. pip3 install nltk
  4. pip3 install numpy
  5. pip3 install scipy
  6. pip3 install scikit-learn
  7. pip3 install seaborn
  8. pip3 install --upgrade tensorflow ( refer this on any error ) Note: there are two '-' before upgrade
  9. pip3 install keras
  10. pip3 install Pillow
  11. pip3 install plotly

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