Facial Expressions Recognition--Hina Sharma

Now-a-days there is a common trend for a human-computers interaction in the field of machine intelligence. Real time detection of face and interpreting different facial expressions like happy, anger, sad, fear, surprise etc. is based on facial features and their actions. The key elements of face are considered for detection of face and prediction of expressions or emotions of face. To determine the different facial expressions, the variations in each facial features are used. For detection and classification of different classes of facial expressions, machine learning algorithms are used by training of different set of images. The proposed algorithm uses open source computer vision (OpenCV) and Machine learning with python.

Brief overview of the project:


Basically, this is the high level view of what i am going to do in making this recognition task.


Steps for recognizing emotions

So, in the first step i am going to take the input image using webcam and detect the face using opencv in python and try to get the features from the obtained face image using CNN concept of deep learning and for classification task, the extracted features are given to the classifier like Logistic Regression, SVM etc and classifier predicts the recognized expression as output.


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