Maharshi Yeluri

When i was looking for some best Machine Learning Courses online i found out that applied ai is so good, as it covers both theoretical perspective and practical application perspective, Each and every concept was clearly explained and the case studies cover many techniques about how to solve real world problems with machine learning and deep learning, solving the assignments will help a lot 

After completing some Assignments AppliedAICourse Started personal mentoring and forwarded my resume to various companies. A computer-vision based startup (Akaiketech) contacted and gave me a task and with the techniques that I learned here, I was easily able to come up with a good solution which they liked and offered me the position of an ML intern after a couple of interviews. And also I was able to crack an interview by another data science company called AdvQuest so easily with the help of applied ai course, So if anyone who wants a data science carrier then AppliedAICourse is the best Choice, With their Course content, Query Resolution, Personal Mentoring anyone could land in a machine learning job so easily 

Name :  Maharshi Yeluri
Current Company & Role : Data Scientist Intern@ Akakie Tech
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