Ankan Saha

Many of you must be going through a phase where you are not happy or motivated enough with the work that you are presently doing and would love to learn something new and exciting and work on that. I was going through the same last year. I consider myself very lucky that I came across AppliedAI and chose to get enrolled in the machine learning course. It has been one of the best decisions of my life. 
The term AI/ML is being used very loosely in the market and you will find a lot of courses now. According to me, appliedAI's course offers you much much more value than what they charge. The course content is amazing: it is a perfect balance of theory and practical - you get to apply what you learn mostly through a running example and they help you connect the dots easily. In addition to that you have the awesome support team clarifying your doubts and evaluating your assignments in a timely manner. A special mention to Varma sir for explaining some of the really complex concepts in a lucid manner. And on top of that they are taking other initiatives to improve the experience further: some of the live sessions were amazing. Kudos to the team!

Name    :  Ankan Saha
Current :  ML Engineer@ Credit VIdya
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