Gaurav Sharma

Before joining AppliedAI course, I didn't even know what Machine Learning is. All I knew is that there is a buzz going on in the field of Artificial Intelligence and hence I joined AppliedAI course. Today I am starting my first job as a Junior Data Scientist Intern. This itself is a testimony to the fact that how much I learnt from AppliedAI course within an year. They made an absolute comprehensive course. They keep a perfect balance between theory and practical knowledge. The best motivating factor is that the instructor does not hesitate in making new videos and making phone calls just to clear doubts of students. At the same time, I got replies for all of my doubts in just within a couple of hrs. Most of the time, the doubts got cleared from the comments under each video. Rest anyone who wants to switch to data science role or wants to start their career in data science then this is the course whom they should look at.

Name:Gaurav Sharma

Prior Experience:Fresher

Current Company:Westphalia DataLabs GmbH

Role:ML Intern