My initial approach towards Machine learning and Data Science was just fancy until i started pursuing the Applied AI course actively. Srikanth Sir's rich knowledge and his pedagogical expertise made me correlate the content with the mathematics I learnt in my +1 and +2 which helped me get away with the fancy and develop passion and excitement for the subject.
I think Applied AI is wrong in claiming that you get a job in 6 months for sure if you pursue 80% of the course with some case studies. I completed only 58% of the course(with 2 case studies) and I landed up with an offer(awaiting another) in 5 months. It should be changed as \"Pursue even 50% with conviction and you are there\". As pursuing 80% of the course and other case studies would make one think of a start-up rather than merely seeking a job.
Another major problem with Applied AI is the price. How can you guys come up with such top class content in such a modest(rather minuscule) price of 30k. I initially bargained this price with Satish garu and thank God he didn't give in. Otherwise I would be ashamed now :)
My special thanks to Brahma Reddy who in spite of having such great knowledge and experience into the cutting edge deep learning frameworks is so patient in attending my smallest doubts.
I would see it as a beginning of my actual association with Applied AI as I pursued the course only with the objective of getting a job so far. I furthered my pursuit of learning advanced concepts of deep learning and their applications. I am sincerely looking forward for a fruitful and exciting association ahead.
Thanks once again
Name: Lingadhar
Role:Data Specialist
Company:S&P Global