Shivam Kumar Sinha

Being a part of appliedaicourse has been a great experience for me. My brother introduced me about this course. Initially i was not giving much time on this course because of my college but after that i prepared seriously and after 7 months of preparation i got selected as data science intern. The best part of this course is assignments. Everytime I submit the assignments, I will be told to do some more practical on it, feeling like working in a company and because of this i have a good grip over concepts. The contents are well structured and also any query i asked is answered in under time. They also appreciate the question that we ask if it is a good question and this gives an immense pleasure. The doubts can be solved by text, audio or video clip and this is also the best part of the course. All the assignments have to be done in python, so at the end i have good understanding of python as well. Sir always says that we should learn how to learn and after learning from this course anyone can get this feature in himself/herself.


Name:Shivam Kumar

Prior Experience:Fresher


Role:ML Intern