Rajesh Koredla

AAIC designed very nicely designed, anyone from first year students to 20 + years of experience of different domain experts can take easily, every concept explained very precise manner, one of the best course out there for ML. Being a part of AAIC is one of my best decisions i've taken, because from ZERO ML knowledge to getting a job with in 5 months great achievement to me. The main good thing from this course is supporting team if i got any doubts they won't give direct solution they will give only hints it will help me to learn more things and solve problem myself this is helped me lot, the team clarified all my queries whenever i needed, i am very thankful to them for course and support. To crack any ML job, i strongly recommend AppliedAICourse.

Name:Rajesh Koredla

Prior Experience: 2Yr,SRM research institute

Current Company: Omnex

Role:ML Engineer