Shashank Ramesh

Being the part of AppliedAICourse from its inception has been a great privilege and this is largely because of the wonderful team behind it. The team takes utmost care in making sure you understand every single video in the course during your learning phase through easy to understand content and a speedy reply system with personalized replies for every doubt. After you're concepts are crystal clear they hand-hold you into making your own portfolio to enable you to be hired by potential employers. This phase comprises of choosing a project wherein you are guided by the team to help choose the project you could work on factoring various indicators such as your experience in solving real-world problems, your domain interests and much more.They help you find the data required and subsequently also help you with devising the first-cut naive solution and in your quest in trying out various things to make the values of the metrics higher. They encourage you to blog about your projects which helps you in delving deep into your projects and focusing on intricacies like why use this method over the other, what worked or didn't and why and so on. Things don't end here as once i was done with my portfolio i went through mock interviews with the AAIC team and feedback from them helped find areas to improve upon before i interviewed at companies. Various opportunities came my way after i put a detailed portfolio of my work online and with the help of AAIC i could also manage to get interview calls from big companies like Amazon, Ernst & Young, Freshworks etc. In short AAIC gave me a wholesome experience in learning Machine Learning enabling me to bring out my true potential and immense help in fetching and tackling interviews at my dream companies. Everyone in the team has been very compassionate, understanding and highly instrumental in my success and had no biases whatsoever about my college, background etc.