Sanjay Rakshith

“Finally got a job. They sent the offer letter today only. Thank you all. Couldn't have been possible without you guys. TCS had asked me to join them in January. However I had faith in you guys and rejected the offer. I am very happy I did that”.


I've checked out almost all the courses on the internet but appliedaicourse is one of the best. It has the right proportion of maths and geometrical intuition. Even complex concepts are unpacked in a very graceful manner without watering down the content. Right amount of assignments for practising the concepts. The best part of this course is that Varma shares some of his experience in the videos. Its always a delight to get to know how things happen in the industry from a fresher's perspective.It didn't take time to grasp the concepts even though I didn't know any of them beforehand. I would suggest anyone who is serious about ML to take this course.


Full Name: Sanjay Rakshith
Education: BTech in CSE from Heritage Institute of Technology
Previous Experience:Fresher
Joined Oct 2017.

Current role: ML Engineer @Aris Global
Salary Range:[5-6 LPA] [ 70% more than previous placement]
LinkedIn profile: