Sai Teja Nalla

About Appliedai:
AppliedAiCourse is one of the best courses out there for Machine learning.
It has the proper mix of maths, theory, real world case studies with an outstanding support team. They emphasize more on educating a student or anyone who's interested in learning and willing to work hard rather than merely providing an online course.Being a part of AppliedAiCourse is one of the best decisions I've taken in my life. I owe a lot to the whole team.

Machine learning is taught from the first principles covering all the prerequisites required.
For those who has Maths phobia this can be the cure. Varma sir has a beautiful way of teaching things by giving intuitions and examples. He had made maths so simple that one can start reading research papers at the end of the course.
Course also consists case studies which focuses on taking up a real world problem mapping it to a Machine learning problem and solving it.
Case studies gives better understanding of concepts from applicative prespective.

Team includes strongly inspiring members with sound technical background from top institutes and with experience in top MNC's.
If a student registers the course, team works much more harder than the student himself does and strives for the progress of the student.
They put in their souls in providing the best possible support services for the students.

Team at AppliedAi doesn't just end it's services after course registration. They work day in and day out in giving the best for their students. Doubts are cleared 24/7. Assignments, it's evaluation and progress of the student is given to the student with one to one personal guidance.
Those who registers are lucky to have such an awesome team to service them.

They help the students in almost everything from course to personal issues. They're very generous and have all the patience to listen to all our issues and guide accordingly.
They doesn't end the help, support and guidance after course completion. They're always ready to help a student in need and they maintain alumni relationship with students even after the course completion.

Placements opportunities:
They provide job guarantee program and they take it very seriously. Many companies are approaching to Appliedai as there is short of people with good Machine learning skills. There are ample placement opportunities. They also have a huge network of contacts in the industry through whom they can refer students if they meet the criteria.

All in all AppliedAiCourse is the game changer in teaching Machine Learning and educating students as they knew what industry expects from students and they emphasize a lot on students progress and development.
As Varma sir rightly quotes, At the end of the course learning doesn't end it just begins It has begin from I'm sure it also begins for everyone who takes up the course seriously.