Anisha Paul

Hi I am  Anisha. I was working as a Software Engineer @ TCS for 2 years and wanted to move into product based companies and into more advanced technologies like ML or Big Data. After researching online, I found and enrolled after checking out there free content. It was a wonderful experience of learning applied Machine Learning from AAIC. Being applied in nature, I enjoyed the intuitive and geometry driven approach to mathematical concepts. Varma was excellent in breaking a complex topics into simple subtopics which would clear our understanding at the molecular level and at the same time giving a 10,000 view of the concept in order to increase our understanding.

The best part of the course was the usage of publicly available resources(code, datasets, blogs) which are easily accessible to everyone. He is a great teacher and beside teaching ML, he also taught us how to learn from the internet which would be super useful all throughout our life. Coming back to the course, it included a lot of assignments which would help a student in improving the practical area along side learning theory. Varma provided graphical interpretation of every concept which made the concept even more interesting and added a lot of clarity. His team gave a great level of importance and dedicated a lot of time and effort in making us understand where things fail which is a MUST for any real world implementation. For me it was an awesome experience so I highly recommend this course as a must take for anyone who has interest in the areas of machine learning.


Prior Experience: Software Engineer @ TCS for 2 years.

Joined Oct 2017.

Current : Machine Learning Engineer

Salary Range: [  10-15 LPA]