Ujwal Kumar

I am Ujjwal Kumar and I am in 3rd year B. Tech at LNCT, Bhopal. I am very passionate about machine learning and AI. Earlier I had gone through many freely available machine learning courses on platforms such as Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, etc. and in my experience, most of them either just try to give the basic intuition and solve some examples or they go into too much mathematical detail that it becomes hard to follow. Later I came across AppliedAICourse, did their workshop and gone through all the free videos available. And I must say I was mesmerized by how Verma sir breaks down the complex topics into simple geometric intuitions and allowed me to get a much deeper and intuitive understanding of the concepts.


From AppliedAICourse I learned a lot from the very basics to cutting-edge deep learning techniques, far more than any other ML course that I enrolled as the depth and breadth covered here are massive. While going through the course I personally feel that videos lectures are just a small part of what the course is all about, most important parts are the assignments, support, and guidance that their hardworking team provides to its participants at every step of the development.


After just completing one case study I started applying for internships through the references provided by AppliedAICourse and also on my own. A Health-related  startup (AB Innovative) contacted and gave me a task to do sentiment classification on French documents, which I must admit was very different from the problems that we solved in the course, but with the help of tools and techniques that I learned here I was easily able to come up with a good solution which they liked and offered me the position of an ML intern. I am looking forward to work with them and build cool ML health applications as I also personally believe that Health sector is one of the areas where AI will have a huge impact.


Full Name: Ujjwal Kumar

Education: B Tech, Computer Science engineering in LNCT, Bhopal

Previous Experience:Fresher

Role,Company name:ML intern@AB innovative(apr-2018 to jun-2018)

Offered PPO: ML Engineer@ AB Innovative

LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/ujjwal-kumar-a3a853103