Kartik Nooney

About Appliedai

AppliedAI is not only an ML course related startup, but it has a wonderful incubation center as well which is currently working on very interesting problems. Their product i.e., ML course is taken by many people coming from a myriad of backgrounds. And all those people who are eligible for their job guarantee program after completion of their course have been placed successfully in good ML roles in the industry.


“Math is just like poetry”, that’s what Varma sir always says. The beauty of this course lies in its simplicity. Not too complicated, but at the same time nothing has been watered down. It maintains the right amount of balance between theory and practical applications. The content is very intricately designed in such a way that it is like a one-stop-shop for machine learning. Most of the courses on ML out there are designed for some specific set of audience. But the content in this course is so beautifully designed that anyone can pick it up easily, it doesn’t matter if you are a student or a working professional.


The core team members here are from a very technically sound background and they have had a wonderful industry experience as well. As they themselves have interviewed several candidates for ML roles in their previous companies, they exactly know what skills are required for a person to get into such ML roles. The dedication the team members have about AAIC is really fascinating. It is because of this dedication that the team members put in a lot of hours into their work. They almost have a 14-15 hour work days irrespective of weekends or holidays. Since they have international course participants also, they work round the clock to provide best possible support.


Icing on the cake here, is the way the team members interact with you. All your doubts are explained in the simplest possible manner. They use every possible medium of communication to explain our queries, be it email replies or audio notes or personal calls. You get your assignments reviews and your queries clarified within a day.


One thing I can frankly say is that they listen to your situation, understand it and guide you accordingly. If the situation really demands, they give a very close personal guidance to you. And through out this journey of learning, till you reach your goal, the team members will always be there to guide you.

Placement opportunities providing

There are a lot of ML openings in the industry but filling those roles is a cumbersome process for most of the companies. And the major reason being is the lack of knowledge and hands on experience in ML. Since you are getting a perfect mixture of theory and practice in this course, your portfolio gets built up in an extremely good way by the end of this course. And by the time you finish this course with all the assignments, you will be confident enough to crack any ML interview. Fresher who is looking for a ML role or an experienced professional who is trying to pivot his career path, both have equally good opportunities in this ML industry. Also the team here get requests for ML candidates from a huge range of companies, so they would be referring you to all those companies which you are eligible to, once you complete the course. And ya, they take their job guarantee offer very seriously.

Full Name: Kartik Nooney
Education: B.E. ECE, Vasavi College of Engineering
Previous Experience: Deloitte, Associate Solution Advisor, (2 years)
Current role,Company name: Machine learning Engineer,AAIC incubation
Salary Range:10.5 LPA
LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kartiknooney/