Pradeep Borugadda

Hi I am Pradeep and I completed my MTech from NIT Rourkela. I worked as Software engineer at a startup. After 2 years of working as a software engineer, I understood the importance of emerging technologies like Machine Learning. I decided to change tracks and move into Machine learning. One of my friend suggested AppliedAICourse as he liked their workshop. I watched all free videos available, liked the teaching methodology and then I joined AppliedAICourse. I have forgotten most of the key areas like Linear Algebra and Probability that I learnt in college. Srikanth Varma, the instructor,  taught all of the prerequisites from scratch which included  Python, Linear algebra, Probability  and Statistics. His coverage of Machine Learning  algorithms, Deep Learning  and real world case-studies is excellent. The iPython notebooks provided in the course helped me alot getting acquainted with the coding and libraries. I loved the balance of mathematical and real-world and applied aspects of the course.   I enjoyed learning the hard mathematical concepts like optimization using geometry very intuitively. The team clarified all my queries during the course both over email and phone whenever I needed. They also helped me to build a strong portfolio with 2 case-studies.


Once I finished most of the content and built a portfolio, AAIC team connected me with companies that are hiring ML engineers.  I cracked the very first interview very easily as the concepts I learnt were very wide and deep. Most of the questions I was asked were covered by the instructor as part of the content. The portfolio I built was the most important aspect of my interview.  In a very short duration of just 4 months, I landed in an  ML Job at Avenir IT solutions as an ML engineer. I also interviewed at a two other startups both of which I cracked. But, I choose to  join Avenir IT Solutions as I am one of their first ML engineers and I loved the quality of work and challenge they offered me.  Thanks to AppliedAIcourse for helping me in my career transition.

Education: M.Tech, CSE,NIT Rourkela, B.Tech Vignan Engineering College, Guntur.

Prior experience: 3 years,  Software developer at a Startup.

Joined Nov 2017.

Current : Machine learning Engineer at \"\", Hyderabad

Salary Range: 15-20 Lakhs per annum.

LinkedIn Profile: