Asish Kumar

The course described the theory of machine/deep learning very well, but also followed through with very thorough assignments and case studies to demonstrate the practical implementations of the theory.This is one of the courses that will probably stay with me for a significant amount of time.
The platform provides a unique opportunity to try hands-on simultaneously with the course work in an almost real-life coding example.The course covers the depth and breadth of ML topics.
The content is well structured and good to follow for everyone with at least a bit of an understanding on matrix algebra. Some experience in writing Python code must be useful in this course. Appliedaicourse is truly 24*7 customer service provider. The team was very supportive throughout the course. They always get back to me with the solution for my queries under time.The programming assignments are well designed in general.Apart of their instructive character, it’s mostly enjoyable to work on them, too. Finally, in my opinion, doing this specialization is a fantastic way to get you started on the various topics in classical Machine Learning and Deep Learning. After taking the courses, you should know in which field of classical Machine Learning and Deep Learning you wanna specialize further on.

Full Name: Ashish Kumar Srivastava
Education: B.Tech(IT),UIET CSJM University,Kanpur
Previous Experience : Fresher
Current role,Company name: ML intern@AB innovative
LinkedIn profile: