Anumala Muralidhar

I am Muralidhar and I completed my graduation from Santhiram Engineering college . I am very passionate about machine learning and artificial intelligence. Initially I thought for an average student like me machine learning is very difficult. To give it a try, I  did the workshop provided by AppliedAICourse. Then I watched all free videos available and I felt that machine learning is simple and not impossible and then I joined AppliedAICourse. Srikanth varma taught every complex topic in simple way using geometric manner . After building a simple portfolio with just one -casestudy,  I started applying for jobs through the references given by AppliedAICourse and also on my own on portals. An Agriculture related  startup (KrishiHub) gave me a task to provide exploratory data analysis of their problem. Using the knowledge gained from AppliedAICourse, I submitted the EDA. Based on this work, I am selected as an intern . I joined as ML intern in Krishihub. I love the work here involving real world data! I am very confident that I will convert into a full-time role here. But my learning has not stopped. I use the course-contents from AAIC everyday at my work.

Education: B Tech, Computer Science engineering in Santhiram Engg college,Nandyal.

Prior Experience: Fresher

Joined Oct 2017.

Offered : ML Intern @ KrishiHub (Mar-Jun 2018).

Offered Full Time Role:  AGNext Technologies pvt ltd( Sep2018-)

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