Deepak Raju

I have done many online courses in udemy,coursera,pluralsight
after completing every course i dont have much satisfaction about the algorithm and how it can be used for solving ai problems so i was in obsession i was typically in a state of giving up data science and concentrate more in my app world later i came to know about this course through email and i got a confidence from the words of my Guru Srikanth varma sir. I enrolled in the course and then and there my machine learning journey started and i had a complete satisfaction of learning every algorithm and i got a confidence of coding it side by side without packages. Varma sir explains all the difficult and complex algorithms and breaks down it into simple ones. He covers most of the machine learning concepts which are more sufficient to crack the interviews in machine learning companies .If we have any doubts in there course we can contact them and they will clear the doubts no matter how much ever time u ask the same question they will answer it with the same tone.This course also covers in detail about feature engineering which is the vital part in machine learning and as well as in Interview preparation.
Courses like udacity only covers the algorithms they won’t tell where it will be used and how should we use it and where it fails and what should we do if it fails
This course covers each and everything
They cover on mathematics as well as programming
I enjoyed this course thoroughly
If you think you have lot of interest in machine learning If you think you are weak in mathematics fundamentals but you have the zeal to learn if you think you want to have deeper understanding of concepts if you think you want to be a successful data scientist please enroll in this course
Education: BE computer science
Previous Experience: fresher
Current role: Data Scientist
Company Name: Delium
Salary Range: 7.5-8
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