Arun Kumar

Education:Electronics and communications engineering,VIT Vellore.

Prior Experience: Fresher.

Joined Oct 2017.

Current :Got 3 Offers, ML engineer @ ArisGlobal Pvt Ltd.

Salary Range :[5-11 LPA]

LinkedIn Profile:



Hi this is Arun and I completed my graduation (B.Tech) from VIT Vellore. I am from ECE background and very passionate about machine learning and Artificial intelligence. Later I searched for multiple courses across both online and offline. I found Andrew Ng’s Coursera course and finished it. It was good but it was more theoretical rather than the practical. Math was very hard to follow in Andrew Ng’s course. Finally, I got to know about AppliedAICourse taught by Srikanth Varma. First I have went through his LinkedIn profile. Given his experience as a Senior ML Scientist at amazon and his decade long experience in ML, I decided to join his course.

AppliedAICourse taught me everything from the very basics to cutting edge deep learning techniques. There I found the right balance between theory and practical aspects. The team clarified all my queries during the course and helped me to build a strong portfolio. I started applying for jobs through the references given by AppliedAICourse. I got multiple offers within a range of 5-11 lakhs per annum. I joined in ArisGlobal, because which it is located in my home town and it’s a fast-growing startup. I am still learning from AppliedAICourse and building my  portfolio working on more complex deep-learning problems. To crack any Machine learning job, I strongly recommend AppliedAICourse.