Mallikarjun Reddy

The beauty of this course is to explain concepts in different approaches like geometrical, probabilistic and loss min. I like the way Varma teaches complex concepts in a simpler way using the real-world example. Before joining this course I had gone through so many online machine learning courses but this is one of the simplest courses and this is the single package of python for ML, Mathematical concepts for ML, Machine Learning algorithms and Deep Learning. Assignments and case studies have given me a practical flavour of concepts that are learnt in theory. The AAIC team is very active. They will help through almost all the mediums that are available. I thank Brahma Reddy for helping me throughout the course and team is very friendly. nowadays Varma explaining doubts through is the smart and productive way to reach the students. Very few online courses give placement assistants and one of them is AAIC. thanks to Srinivas Reddy for giving updates and arranging interviews with various companies. This course is a good start for any non-computer science students like me for starting a career in machine learning or data science

Name: Mallikarjun Reddy Mula
Education: VIT University, Vellore, ECE
Current role: AI Developer Intern