Sai Akhil Aloor

The course is very detailed and explained in a way that whoever irrespective of their previous backgrounds and work experience can understand very easily

Team at AppliedAi work day in and day out to help their students. Any doubts are cleared through comments and google groups.  Assignments are given to the students to test their understanding and their evaluation is done and personal guidance will be provided to the students

The team at AppliedAI helps the students in every way possible. They clear the queries and doubts through emails, calls comments under the videos. They even make some videos to explain some topics clearly if many people have doubts regarding certain topics.

They offer you a job guarantee program when you take the course. They are not doing this just for promotion but they have taken this seriously and doing their best for the people who take their course to land in some good machine learning roles in good companies. There are plenty of machine learning opportunities. They also have a huge network of contacts in the industry through whom they can refer students if they meet certain criteria. They focus on their student's progress with the utmost interest and care.

Name: Sai Akhil Aloor

Education: BTech 4th year, IIIT Allahabad

PlacedIn:  Fidelity Investments

Salary Range: 13-15 lpa

Role: Software Developer/ Data engineer

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