Shashi Ranjan Prakash

I am Shashi Ranjan Prakash. After taking the Applied Machine Learning course at applied AI, i grew in both knowledge and confidence. The course is well structured and teaches every possible tool and technique that is required in solving a real world ML problem. Starting from python, numpy, pandas(which i feel of utmost importance) to probability and machine learning techniques the course covers every topic in a lucid manner. Each of the ml techniques taught, covers it's real world application, limitation and constraints during production. And then there are case studies that help apply whatever learnt in real world application. Right from data preprocessing to comparing the efficiency of ML algos, each of these case studies presents a unique real world scenario where we can apply ML techniques and learn more.

More advanced ML techniques like deep learning (CNN, RNN) is also taught in the most simplistic manner possible. The course also has good resources if someone wants to dig deep into a certain topic and learn more. Research papers are also discussed in a very simplistic way like how the researcher would have thought about the problem and how he came with the solution. It a course which a student from any discipline can learn and i can guarantee you it would be a really fun and joyful journey while sailing through this course. Best of luck !!

Name : Shashi Ranjan Prakash

College : IIT Kharagpur

Offered: Intern, Visa Inc.