Saugata Paul

   I was always intrigued by Machine Learning and what it brings to the table. I was working as a Senior Systems Engineer in Infosys and badly wanted to kick start a career in Machine Learning roles but I had no idea how and where to start with. Thankfully, AppliedAICourse came to the rescue. I was so overwhelmed when I first read some of the brilliant testimonials written by the students and immediately decided to purchase the course after going through some of the free videos. The course materials are state of the art when it comes to the content as well as the teaching style. It's better than most Machine Learning courses that are there in the entire planet. At a price point of 25000 INR, the kind of knowledge you gain when you do this course is unparalleled. The team is exceptionally good. They have helped me a lot through thick and thin. For AppliedAICourse, student service is their utmost concern. The case studies and assignments were exceptionally well designed and were very challenging and fun to work with. You get exposed to a lot of real world scenarios and it eventually helped me a lot to solidify my concepts in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Forget about Coursera, forget about Udacity. If you really want to acquire the depth of knowledge, look no further than AppliedAICourse course. This course did not only teach me how to build and deploy Machine Learning and Deep Learning models at scale, but also taught me how to learn to learn, how to perform extensive research in Artificial Intelligence. You will understand the value of this course, when you look at the other expensive courses that are there in the market. Nothing will ever come close to the teaching methodology of Mr. Varma. I wish I had a teacher like him during my college days. Don't worry about placements and all. AppliedAICourse will take care of it. As for me, I have started working as a Data Scientist in SPi Global with more than 130% salary hike from my last company. Most of the questions and topics that I have encountered as part of the interview process were all covered in the course contents. I feel proud that I have chosen AppliedAICourse and not something else. Keep working hard and one day you will make it.
Name : Saugata Paul
Current Company & Role :  SPi Global / Data Scientist
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