Self driving AI terrorizing the great city in NFS RIVALS





The overall goal of this project is to explore general artificial intelligence. When considering environments to employ AI models into, games are an obvious choice. I have personally chosen Need for Speed Rivals to begin with as I was looking for anarchic environment .The NFS Rivals is more visually impressive with better texture detail, improved lighting on cars and sharper graphics overall. One may also try other games that features realistic graphics and has a control over weather and time ,otherwise the CNN won’t recognize any useful features in this image.


With this method, since I also think we can teach an AI to play games by simply showing it how to play for a bit, using Convolutional Neural Network on that information, and then letting the AI poke around. To begin with , however, a more simple task with a definitive objective should be chosen. The starting task that I have chosen is to create a self-driving car.


While most actual self-driving cars use all sorts of sensors, such as LIDAR, my plans here are to only feed the neural network visual data. It’s understandable that real self-driving cars use everything to their advantage, lives are on the line and they want the best, safest product.


In this project, and game world, my personal goal is not to solve the challenge of self driving cars with some sort of a la carte solution specific to cars, it is to come up with a model that can be used to drive a car.


I may add more “senses” besides visual senses in the future, but for now, I am trying to see just how far we can get with vision alone.

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