We, at AppliedAICourse.com, work with startup teams in our incubation center at the very early stages of product/service development from ideation through prototyping, product-market fit MVP(minimum viable product) launch and growth. We also invest our own funds as angel investors and help teams build sustainable startups from the ground up. Due to limited resources and given on our competencies, we currently focus only on startups that leverage recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language processing.  Following are some of the startups we are currently incubating.

Applied AI Course
June 25, 2017

DeepTrader – Stock Trading Using DeepLearning

Quantitative trading uses statistical and probabilistic methods to predict the future stock price of equities and commodities. This is a fairly well developed and researched area. We are leveraging recent advances in NLP for processing news articles, Sequence modeling using Deep Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning to built low-frequency...

Applied AI Course
July 2, 2017

Vis Vibro –Diagnosing machine failures

Vibration Analysis is one of the most critical and widely used methods in predictive condition monitoring of mechanical devices. Most of this analysis is performed using industry grade accelerometers as transducers along with custom-built hardware and software to process the accelerometer data to predict the extent of damage in...

Applied AI Course
July 25, 2017

KHOJ- Simplifying Product Research

When we plan to purchase and product(like a smartphone) , we conduct extensive research of the product category for features, prices, customer-reviews, video-reviews on Youtube and ask our friends know the product category very well. This phase of product purchasing is called product-research. Currently, consumers spend hours of time...