M V Sai Chamanth

I had enrolled for free workshop given by them (Amazon apparel recommendation) .I have loved their way of teaching at that instance and decided to enroll for the complete course. After couple of months, I have enrolled for the complete course and then started working on it. Varma sir teaches with more passion which makes you more interesting towards videos . I have completed only 30% of the course and I managed to crack the interview in startup company by this content itself. As they try to teach concepts in depth , which helps you in the interview process as you can speak about a particular topic of interest for more time and explain that topic to interviewer in detail. I am planning to complete the total course within few months and gain good understanding of subject , look forward to apply for more heights.
They would provide feedback to your assignments which will be submitted as part of the course.
When it comes to math part as most of the ML revolve around math . I personally believe that ML is mostly math as there are inbuilt functions for every algorithm. In order to implement it better , you need to understand the algorithm . All this part is taken care by Varma sir as he spends time in making you understand algorithm better and balances it with coding as well

The best part is you can email them all your doubts , they would reply as soon as possible within few hours . If they believe that cannot be answered through phone then they will call you and explain everything in detail which helps you understand the concepts in much better way.
They would even give suggestions (career wise ) . I very much thankful to them and look forward to continue with them (course) .

Education : B.Tech (CSE) from Andhra University , Post Graduate diploma in Big Data Analytics from C-DAC
Previous experience : fresher
Current role : consultant data scientist
Current company : yottaasys
salary range : 3.6lakh p.a
LinkedIn profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/chamanth-mvs-9a59a4131